Care at home

Peoples Care provides a wide range of services and assistance in both the short and long term. Between living in a residential care centre and being cared for in your own home, you may prefer the second option, because living in your own home in familiar surroundings and around your loved and dear ones is sweeter, more comfortable and reassuring. ‘Home, sweet home’ is the preferred location for many people to receive care. In this arrangement instead of you going to care, care will come to you, ensuring your independence, dignity and confidence.
In our own homes you have a strong sense of belonging and emotional attachment. In the vicinity of the home, many things and events are part of our cherished memory and history that you love to preserve and be excited about and We have independence and more control over our lives and lifestyle that you love and worked hard to attain. In the free, non-limiting environment of your own home we are able to maintain the highest level of activity. Such an environment can bring about enthusiasm and confidence in the future. Living in ones own home gives a flexibility that is desirable and beneficial, giving one the ability to adapt over time to changing preferences, needs and circumstances.

For all these and other advantages, getting care in one’s own home in familiar environment is the ideal choice for many service users.

The following services are provided from our location:

Under the Domiciliary Care category we provide services for a wide band of users, including people who :

• suffer from Dementia
• have Learning Disabilities
• are afflicted with Mental Health Conditions
• cannot manage everything themselves as they used to do, but need help for their personal care
• have Physical Disabilities
• have Sensory Impairments

This care is available for adults both under 65 and over 65.

The following regulated activities apply to services provided by Peoples Care Limited:

Personal Care Services

Due to age, health and/or mental conditions you may not be able to properly take care of yourself. That is where we can step in to help you. We offer Personal Care services including:
• Monitoring your diet and eating

• Assisting you with eating

• Assisting with bathing and dressing

• Providing personal grooming
• Helping with incontinence care

• Assisting with waking up in the morning and/or giving bedtime help
• Assisting with Personal Hygiene
• Assisting with moving and handling
• Administering medication

While providing all these supports, our highly trained care workers will take the utmost care to respect your independence and dignity and will have great empathy for and understanding of your sensitivities. They will be reflectively listening to your suggestions about what care to give you and how to administer that care.

The above is not an exhaustive list of the personal care services we offer. Depending upon your individual circumstances, other services to meet the more complex needs of service users can be planned, packaged, agreed upon and then delivered.

Domestic Care

Managing your own home and personal life will need support. We offer a range of care to help you do that through various domestic supports that include -

• Cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and polishing
• General tidying and other light household duties
• Washing up
• Cleaning the oven
• Laundry and ironing
• Defrosting the freezer
• Mowing the grass and other routine gardening tasks
• House-sitting or key-holding
• Shopping
• Accompanying to attend GP Surgery or Hospital appointments and collecting medication
• Accompanying or taking you to places of worship (mosque, church, Hindu temple or Sikh gurdwara), to leisure centres, or to Park for relaxation and fun.
• Paying utility bills, television licence renewal, etc.
• Assisting with computers
• Supporting other members of the household with tasks.

Social Care

Before coming to care, perhaps we all had vibrant lifestyles in our own ways: we socialised with friends, neighbours, work colleagues and went to clubs and places of other and attended events such as celebrating the Queen’s birthday, international Womens Day etc. In other words we had a social network and took an active part in social activities. One of the most thought-out policies of PEOPLES CARE LTD is the maintenance of Service Users’ social network and social activities. The Service User’s Care Plan includes a facility for recording life history, social networks and contacts, and preferences for activities and hobbies, in order that users have access to those networks and activities which are appropriate and desired. This will help the service user maintain some of that vibrant social lifestyle, if not fully but to some extent, so that they do not feel isolated from their natural past life and pushed into a routine, boring and colourless lifestyle.
We will help them make the most of those contacts and networks. This will one hopes most likely give the user a sense of being himself/herself, though in a limited manner because of age or a medical/health condition. It will help to uphold the morale of service users and thus help them to live with dignity.

Special Care

Urgent or Emergency Care at Home

Sometimes circumstances change suddenly and you need care in the home urgently.
A spouse might have been taken ill or suddenly passed away.
A family member acting as a carer might have an emergency to deal with that means they cannot be available.
Peoples Care Ltd have developed services to help in these circumstances which will place an experienced carer to meet your requirements following an initial care planning consultation.

We recognise that each of these urgent care requirements can be unique. Please talk us to discuss how we can help.

Care for the people with special needs

Peoples Care provide comprehensive support packages for adults who have:
• Learning disabilities
• An acquired brain injury
• Physical disabilities
• Mental health difficulties including personality disorders and
• Young adults in transition and/or leaving care.

Referrals can be accepted from social services or self-referrals if the individual is in receipt of Direct Payments.

Unfortunately we currently do not support individuals with drug problems.

Dementia & Alzheimers Care

A consistent routine and familiar surroundings are recognised as crucial elements in ensuring the stability of dementia sufferers. If a family member is struggling and you would prefer not to put them in residential care, Peoples Care can help. Our expert carers understand the importance of consistency to enable as peaceful a time as possible for your loved one in day to day life. Our Live-in care service can be particularly useful for clients with more advanced cases of Dementia and Alzheimers.

Peoples Care selects carers with real experience in dealing with Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers and ensure that there is an absolute minimum of disruption for our clients who have these conditions. Every case is different. Please call us for advice so that we can determine the best solution for your loved ones.