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Peoples Care is committed to safeguard the following promises:


At Peoples Care we pride ourselves on maintaining the confidentiality of information in the provision of domiciliary care. It is our policy that our care and support staff respect information given by the service users, relatives or their representatives in confidence and handle information about service users in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. All staff that have access to files and papers which contain information about service users must ensure that any such materials are securely stored and locked within cabinets etc when not in use.

Conversations relating to confidential matters affecting service users will not take place in any situation where they may be overheard by a passer-by, i.e public places such as supermarkets, corridors or sheltered accommodation etc.
Where a care worker becomes concerned or is in receipt of information or knowledge that indicates that the service user is or may be at risk, be it financial, emotional, physical or sexual in nature, then their 'duty of care' would dictate that any such information be shared with the relevant authorities enabling them to offer appropriate protection.
Any breach of confidentiality will be regarded as misconduct and the subject of serious disciplinary action.

Health & Safety including safety at home

Peoples Care’s policy is to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of service users and our care staff. As such we have a comprehensive health and safety policy and procedure to safeguard the welfare of service users, staff and others involved in the provision of domiciliary care.

Where the service users themselves are the direct employers (private clients) of our services, the service user carries full employer’s responsibility for health and safety.

Our care staff receive the necessary training via inductions and by attending regular refresher training on health and safety.

Gifts and bequests

It is the policy of Peoples Care to protect at all times the money and property of service users whilst providing care services. There are procedures in place for staff accepting gifts or bequest from service users. Our care staff do not accept gifts or bequest other than those of limited financial value (5.00 pounds). Details of such gifts are reported to Peoples Care and recorded.

Wills and bequest

It is our policy that our care staff must not be involved in the making or benefiting from service users' wills or soliciting any other form of bequest or legacy or acting as a witness or executor or being involved in any way with any other legal document.

Anti-discriminatory Practice

Peoples Care recognises that discrimination can occur in the workplace. Peoples Care recruits a workforce that reflects our diverse community. All recruitment, selection, training and matching is based on competence and merit, regardless of gender, race, marital status, age, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, religion or disability.

Likewise we will follow the same anit-discriminatory policy in selecting our service users.

To ensure our workplaces are free from discrimination, action will be taken when it arises. Staff members, care workers or service users who feel they have witnessed or experienced discrimination while dealing with Peoples Care can follow the complaint procedure. We are committed to a zero tolerance policy in regard to discrimination of any kind.

Prevention of abuse

At Peoples Care our policy and procedure on the protection of vulnerable people strictly comply with the provisions of the public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and the code of conduct for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults of the Local Authorities we deal with.
Service users are safe guarded from any form of abuse or exploitation, including physical, financial, psychological, sexual abuse, neglect, discriminatory abuse, self harm or degrading treatment through deliberate intent, negligence or ignorance in accordance with written policies and procedure.

Our Staff

At Peoples Care, we recruit as our staff only people with extensive knowledge, proven skills and clear abilities in social care. We follow the strict recruitment and selection guidelines set by the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and the Care Quality Commission. All of our staff are recruited subject to a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, and having an NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care. A care worker, who doesn't yet have an NVQ Level 2, may still be appointed; however, upon appointment, he/she must achieve the higher levels of NVQ (or equivalent) within a given timescale.

Members of our staff bring with them their own unique personality and numerous life experiences that can help to enrich the lives of our service users. Peoples Care also undertake rigorous staff training programmes and monitoring procedures, and constantly re-train our staff as required by the specific and changing needs of new and existing clients.

At all times, we work closely with our staff to ensure service users are happy, well cared for and enjoying life to the full with independence and dignity.

Join us as a member of staff

If you have a QCF Level 2 (Previously NVQ level 2) in Health and Social Care or the equivalent with relevant experience, and if you would like to seek new challenges and be part of a team, delivering an entirely new level of service in the private care sector, please contact us. Should you wish to apply for a role as Support Worker, the full Job Description can be downloaded together with an application form.

Free Consultation

Peoples Care provides initial trial packages of care designed to meet individual circumstances. This allows you to start your care and gives you the opportunity to see if this is the correct option for you. We offer a free personal consultation – this will include a description of current general health state and current medical treatment, if any. Mobility aids, specialists aids and equipment used. A detailed history of your medical circumstances and requirements are recorded.

We will prepare a care plan which includes a facility for recording life history, social networks and contacts. We will take into consideration the appropriate and desired activities and hobbies you wish to include in your care.

Please call us to arrange a Free immediate consultation. Or send your details through this from